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FirstLight Power Resources, a subsidiary of GDF SUEZ Energy North America, operates a portfolio of power generation plants in Connecticut and Massachusetts that are primarily pumped hydro storage and traditional hydroelectric facilities. GDF SUEZ's first solar operation in North America is also among FirstLight's assets in Western Massachusetts.

FirstLight’s hydro and pumped hydro storage plants constitute the largest fuel sector of North America’s renewables fleet. With the ability to achieve full generation output from a shut down condition in 10 minutes, its premier asset—Northfield Mountain—is the largest, most flexible pumped hydro storage facility in New England and among the largest in the United States.

Falls Village Hydro Station Celebrates 100 Years, Proves Concept Still Sound Today 



As part of the company’s commitment to Environmental Awareness & Sustainability, FirstLight Power Resources maintains and operates nature trails, science centers and recreational and environmental programming at or near its facilities. Numerous opportunities are offered year-round for the general public and school groups to enjoy nature and learn about their environment.

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FirstLight Power has a long tradition of supporting community organizations and activities focused on and along its reservoirs and river systems. To improve the quality of life within the Housatonic River region, FirstLight has established the Housatonic River Project Fund that will support activities and projects promoting environmental protection, energy efficiency and public safety in the 23-town Housatonic River region.

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Northfield Mountain
Northfield Mountain / Turners Falls Re-licensing
Recreation & Environmental Programs



Housatonic River Project’s Shoreline Management Plan, Reference Materials & Permit Application Form

Shoreline Management Plan
FirstLight Permit Application Form
Shoreline Management Manual, A Homeowner's Guide to Shoreline Stabilization & Vegetated Buffer Zone (Please note: this file may take a few moments to load.)

Waterbury Generation Project

Project Communication Plan - June, 2009

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Additional Project Data

U.S. EPA Clean Air Markets
Energy Information Administration
Stack Test Results Submitted to CT DEP
Stack Test Data for Back Up Fuel

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