GDF Suez History

GDF SUEZ Energy North America manages the United States, Mexico, and Canada operations of GDF SUEZ, a global energy group with a presence in 70 countries. The Group’s natural gas and power generation footprint in North America is part of a rich global history that spans two centuries.


Predecessor company Société Générale des Pays-Bas is founded in Brussels.


Predecessor firm The Universal SUEZ Canal Company begins excavation of the SUEZ Canal—which shortens water transportation between the East and West by eliminating the need for ships to circumnavigate Africa. The company’s founder Ferdinand de Lesseps was a French diplomat who’s posting in Egypt as a vice-consul spurred him to conceive the project, sparked from an archeological study indicating the existence of an ancient canal dating back to 1400 B.C. A mammoth excavation and construction endeavor of the then-100-mile waterway linking the Mediterranean and Red Seas, the SUEZ Canal employed an international workforce of 1.5 million people and was inaugurated more than a decade later in 1869.

Watch the video chronicling the engineering and human  feat of constructing the SUEZ Canal.

Fast forward more than a century and journey half a world away…


Everett Marine Terminal begins operations with Cabot LNG near Boston in Everett, Mass.


CRSS Financial Services begins in Houston.


CRSS becomes a subsidiary of Tractebel S.A. North America.


Tractebel acquires Cabot LNG and its Everett Marine Terminal.


Tractebel establishes a retail electricity business for the U.S. commercial and industrial market.


Tractebel S.A. North America becomes SUEZ Energy North America, taking the historic name of global parent company SUEZ.


SUEZ Energy North America acquires Canadian wind developer Ventus Energy Inc. and launches its foray into wind power.


SUEZ Energy North America becomes GDF SUEZ Energy North America reflecting the parent company’s merger with Gaz de France.

GDF SUEZ Energy North America acquires FirstLight Power Resources’ robust pumped hydro storage and traditional hydro portfolio.


North American generation portfolio doubles with the GDF SUEZ global acquisition of International Power.